About Us

About MTM Transport a.s.

Our team has been on the Czech market since 2004 and from very beginning we were focusing on shipments to/from Scandinavian countries. Mainly due to our experience with these destinations and quality of our services, we swiftly gained a leading position on the market, particularly in a segment of shipments to these countries. Because of our experience and reputation we were able to expand to other destinations. Nowadays we serve the whole Europe, but the majority of shipments traditionally goes to Scandinavia and Baltics, Ukraine, Russia and post-soviet republics. In March 2013, we have expanded to Bulgaria, Romania and Greece.

Thanks to our established partners and their extensive distribution network, we are also able to offer a "door-to-door" service in these countries. We always offer high quality and reliable services.

The company is headquartered in Ostrava, where we also have a distribution warehouse. Another distribution point used for delivery and collection is located in Prague.

The number of trailers in our systems allows to cover the whole Czech Republic both for full and partial loads and groupage shipments.

You can rely on us!

We offer complex services and are ready to accommodate any customer's demand and requests.

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